Home News New light shed on the people who built Stonehenge New light shed on the people who built Stonehenge Research Society TWLTW Despite over a century of intense study, we still know very little about the people buried at Stonehenge or how they came to be there. Part of the reason for this neglect is that many of the human remains were cremated, and so it was difficult to extract much useful information from them. Snoeck demonstrated that that cremated bone faithfully retains its strontium isotope composition, opening the way to use this technique to investigate where these people had lived during the last decade or so of their lives. With permission from Historic England and English Heritage, the team analysed skull bones from 25 individuals to better understand the lives of those buried at the iconic monument. Although strontium isotope ratios alone cannot distinguish between places with similar values, this connection suggests west Wales as the most likely origin of at least some of these people. While the Welsh connection was known for the stones, the study shows that people were also moving between west Wales and Wessex in the Late Neolithic, and that some of their remains were buried at Stonehenge.

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It has an etched-glass window with scenes of Narnia. Lewis and his brother Warnie are buried in the church-yard. Lewis owned the nature reserve during his lifetime, but it is now owned by the local wildlife trust. He was lying in bed with a cold and heard accordion music. Personally this would have made me burrow deeper under the covers, moaning, but Sharp manfully got out of bed and looked to see what was going on.

Upon arrival in Oxford, you will be taken on an eye-opening guided walking tour of the city, including the ancient colleges and academic buildings of Oxford University, as well as picture perfect churches and chapels dating as far back as the 11th century.

Nicholas Relic Just don’t tell the kids. A post shared by Dr Georges Kazan drgeorgeskazan on Dec 5, at 4: Nicholas, the fourth-century Christian bishop whose generosity inspired the legend of Santa Claus. In this case the date we measured in the laboratory overlapped perfectly with the age expected for St. Christian religious relics are physical objects that have an association with a saint or with Jesus Christ. In the Catholic tradition , relics are believed to be vehicles through which God brings healing and works miracles.

Nicholas is believed to have lived in the fourth century in Myra, Asia Minor, an area now part of modern-day Turkey. Legends about the bishop paint him as a generous soul who gave freely to the poor. He was buried in Myra, but in , his remains were apparently stolen and transported to Bari, Italy. His relics are still buried in a crypt at the Basilica San Nicola in Bari.

After the Protestant Reformation, devotion to the saint remained strong in Holland, where he was known in Dutch as Sinterklaas.

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Registration for the edition of the summer school will open soon. We are confirming faculty and topics for this year. The week-long event is made up of courses which range from the basics of XML to advanced topics in linked data, web design, and publishing.

With origins dating back to , Oxford University Press (OUP) is the world’s largest university press with the widest global presence. Our Global Academic Publishing program spans the entire academic and higher education spectrum, including a wide array of scholarly and .

It takes multidisciplinary research to investigate how we design, build and adapt to new innovations. It takes many kinds of qualitative, quantitative, and computational methods, crafted ethically, to understand how we socialize, how we learn, and how we can solve social problems. Our faculty are the global leaders in this research. We have a consolidated agenda—across our research and teaching activities—that addresses important questions for public life, develops our strengths in key domains of inquiry, emphasizes methodological innovation, and engages in international and collaborative research.

Informing Public Policy Whilst our research contributes to academic knowledge and debate, it also affects policy and practice beyond academia. Given our international perspective and multidisciplinary approach, the reach of our impact is global and we are enabled to tackle the increasingly complicated challenges that modern society poses. We achieve further impact with methodological innovations, tool building, engagement with industry and active participation in wider debates about the role of technology in public life.

Our impact in scholarly publishing is significant, but we go beyond this with methodological innovations, tool building, engagement with industry, and active participation in wider debates about the role of technology in public life. Themes Our research is organised in eight broad themes, where the Internet is having a significant effect on social, economic and political activity worldwide.

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The university traces its roots back to at least the end of the 11th century, although the exact date of foundation remains unclear. According to legend, after riots between scholars and townsfolk broke out in , some of the academics at Oxford fled north-east to the town of Cambridge , where the University of Cambridge was founded. Oxford has recently topped two university-ranking league tables produced by British newspapers:

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The text dates back to the third or fourth century, making it the oldest recorded use of the symbol. The research was commissioned by Bodleian Libraries, where the manuscript has been held since It features prominently in the Bakhshali manuscript, which is widely acknowledged as the oldest Indian mathematical text. Research uncovers the date of the Bakhshali manuscript: Research uncovers the date of the Bakhshali manuscript The earliest recorded example of the use of zero was previously believed to be a 9th century inscription of the symbol on the wall of a temple in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

The study findings predate this event and therefore have great historical mathematical significance. India was also the place where the symbolic placeholder developed into a number in its own right, and the concept of the figure zero as it exists today, was born. But the creation of zero as a number in its own right, which evolved from the placeholder dot symbol found in the Bakhshali manuscript, was one of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of mathematics. The findings show how vibrant mathematics have been in the Indian sub-continent for centuries.

It is broadly recognised as the oldest Indian mathematical text, however, the exact age of the text is widely contested. The most conclusive academic study on the subject, was conducted by Japanese scholar Dr Hayashi Takao, and, based on factors such as the style of writing and the literary and mathematical content, it asserted that it probably dated from between the 8th and the 12th century.

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Our fully qualified Oxford guides — members of the Institute of Tourist Guiding and The Oxford Guild of Tour Guides — are looking forward to showing you around this wonderful city. Oxford is steeped in history, dating back to Anglo-Saxon times. It is a city crammed with visual delights whichever way you turn: To visit Oxford and learn of its history is to delve deep into our heritage. Through your choice of walking tour you can learn about Lewis Carroll, C.

The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations has long been hailed as the most literary quotation book available. Here readers will find in one volume the wit and wisdom of humanity–the finest lines to be found in Shakespeare, the Bible, Mark Twain, Groucho Marx, and hundreds of other writers, philosophers, political figures, and entertainers/5(5).

Welcome to Remont Oxford Hotel Welcome Recently refurbished, Remont is an independent family run Oxford hotel style bed and breakfast located in the picturesque City of Oxford. We offer comfortable clean accommodation, modern facilities and a convenient location for easy access to Oxford. The decor throughout is modern, the bedroom was very comfortable and the bathroom high spec. Very clean, friendly helpful staff, a lovely breakfast room overlooking the garden area.

Staff are very friendly and will deal with any issues swiftly. The rooms are literally too good for a guesthouse. By Tripadvisor member “Sets a standard for small Oxford Hotels to aspire to” Exceptional among Oxford’s smaller hotels, very helpful staff, and a manager who came in on a day off to assist me with an Australian Bank problem, as I am too deaf to use general phones.

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But the ancient university has been forced to rewrite its traditional dress code — to avoid upsetting transgender students. From next month, men will be allowed to wear skirts or stockings to exams while women can choose suits or white bow ties. Under the old regulations, male students were required to wear a dark suit with dark socks, black shoes, a white bow tie, and a plain white shirt and collar beneath their black gowns when attending formal occasions such as examinations.

Men will be able to wear skirts at Oxford University for the first time ever in order to cater for cross-dressers file picture posed by models Female students have to wear a dark skirt or trousers, a white blouse, a black ribbon tied in a bow at the neck, black stockings and shoes. The dress code is strictly enforced by the university’s authorities, which have the power to punish students deemed in breach of the rules.

Punishments range from fines to rustication — the suspension of a student for a period of time — or expulsion, known as ‘sending down’. However, the university’s council, headed by Vice-Chancellor Andrew Hamilton, has dropped any distinction between the sexes by deleting all references to men and women.

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Computer Programs Marine Reservoir Correction. Radiocarbon ages of samples formed in the ocean, such as shells, fish, marine mammals etc. This apparent age difference is due to the large carbon reservoir of the oceans. A correction is necessary in order to compare marine and terrestrial samples, but because of complexities in ocean circulation the actual correction varies with location.

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The PGCE course at the University of Oxford Department of Education offers you the opportunity to train to teach the secondary age group in one of the leading educational establishments in the country. The Department has a long history of involvement in initial teacher education dating back to when the Oxford University Day Training college was established. We work on an internship model the Oxford Internship Scheme which recognises the different roles of university and schools in teacher education and the need for a truly collaborative partnership.

Such collaboration involves joint responsibility within the partnership for the planning, delivery and assessment of the programme. It aims to enable trainees to use theory to interrogate practice and vice versa. Many current partnership schools were closely involved in the original development of the internship model, and commitment to the maintenance and critical development of the partnership remains high whilst continuing to be informed by research undertaken by tutors and teachers.

We pride ourselves on the intensive, flexible and personalized experience that we are able to offer you. You will be assigned individual, university based tutors and school-based mentors to monitor your progress on the course and to guide your learning. Course tutors have extensive experience both as school teachers and teacher educators. All tutors are also actively involved in research and this ensures that our course is always up to date with current developments in relevant theory and evidence.

A further strength of our programme is the cohort of interns themselves. They provide a network of peer support as well as the opportunity to compare and contrast experiences between different schools. February 1, How to apply.

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Medieval[ edit ] Oxford was first settled in Anglo-Saxon times and was initially known as “Oxenaforda”, meaning ” ford of the oxen ” according to the English Place-Name Society , [12] who base their result on a passing reference in Florence of Worcester’s work Chronicon ex chronicis ; fords were more common than bridges at that time.

In the 10th century, Oxford became an important military frontier town between the kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex and was on several occasions raided by Danes. In , many Danes were killed in Oxford during the England-wide St. Following the conquest, the town was assigned to a governor, Robert D’Oyly , who ordered the construction of Oxford Castle to confirm Norman authority over the area.

The castle has never been used for military purposes[ dubious — discuss ] and its remains survive to this day.

The Archives holds the administrative records of the University dating from Oxford University Archives Bodleian Library Broad Street Oxford OX1 3BG. Bodleian Library map. University Archives material is now consulted in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Reading Room of the Weston Library.

Merton College Chapel interior By the late s the old church of St John the Baptist had fallen into “a ruinous condition”, [11] and the college accounts show that work on a new church began in about The present choir , with its enormous east window, was complete by The window is an important example because it is so well dated of how the strict geometrical conventions of the Early English Period of architecture were beginning to be relaxed at the end of the 13th century.

The great tower was complete by The chapel replaced the parish church of St. John and continued to serve as the parish church as well as the chapel until It is for this reason that it is generally referred to as Merton Church in older documents, and that there is a north door into the street as well as doors into the college. This dual role also probably explains the enormous scale of the chapel, which in its original design was to have a nave and two aisles extending to the west.

The choir is directed by Peter Phillips , currently also director of the Tallis Scholars , and Benjamin Nicholas, a former director of music at Tewkesbury Abbey. A spire from the chapel has resided in Pavilion Garden VI of the University of Virginia since , when “it was given to the University to honor Jefferson ‘s educational ideals. The hall is still used daily for meals and houses a number of important portraits. It is not usually open to visitors. Front quad itself is probably the earliest collegiate quadrangle , but its informal, almost haphazard, pattern cannot be said to have influenced designers elsewhere.

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But these Greek scribbles reportedly offer a peek at a lost book of the Bible — and the special advice Jesus gave his brother, James. James and the Magician Hermogenes: An engraving dating from But the two books of the Apocalypse of James were rejected when the Emperor Constantine instructed his bishops to standardise the ascendant Christian religion. But chief among them was likely to be one key concern:

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